Alexander Grahm Bell:  “ The Only Difference Between Success And Failure Is The Ability To Take Action.”


"Are You Keeping You
From Being
All You Can Be?"

Here's how a simple life lesson can help you to realize
your full potential and take your life to a whole new level of
success, fulfillment and self actualization. Your days of
procrastination, indecision and inaction can be over for good
with the simple ideas that this ex-procrastinator used to
transfrom his entire life.

A Life Lesson Worth Learning (and remembering!)

As my grandma Sally sat me down on that faithful day in 1983, little did I know that her simple life lesson would impact my life the way it did more than 19 years down the line.

It all started with my obsession with flying… and this was no ordinary obsession. Instead of collecting planes, helicopters and UFO’s I was into collecting insects, butterflies, bees, grasshoppers and all sorts of flying creatures. I was just fascinated by the fact that they could fly! In hindsight I think it must have been the freedom with which they moved that most grabbed me.

My grandmother, a horticulturist and former hippy (who loved all living creatures) did not share my enthusiasm for capturing live insects. Needless to say that when she saw me indulging in my little ‘hobby’ it caused quite a stir. Fortunately my grandma knew the value of teaching her grandkids instead of disciplining them. As she sat me down she taught me both the meaning and the value of empathy. She got me to put myself in the ‘shoes’ of those poor creatures that I held hostage in empty peanut butter jars.


"How This Wonderful Life Lesson Helped To Transform Me..."

Fast forward 19 years…I’m 27, and once again I feel like a hostage, only this time it’s much more real. BUT, this time round I really ‘got’ it...

Desperate and frustrated I found myself trying to make my way in the world, a world that is nowhere near the one I envisioned for myself. I found myself caught up in a life of frustration, striving and ‘pusing’.

Nothing seemed to work….I was a chronic procrastinator who never got anything done. The little I started doing never got finished and although I wanted a lot, I did very little about it.

Why can’t I get myself to consistently act on what I wanted most?
Why can’t I just do it?

Frustrated, angry, depressed and deeply unhappy with virtually every area of my life, I finally had my ‘breakthrough moment’ while making a peanut butter sandwich…

It wasn’t the peanut butter and it wasn’t the sandwich either…It was the JAR!

It hit me…finally I understood the lesson that my grandma taught me all those years ago. I felt like those insects that I used to captured – like there was this invisible force that held me down and prevented me from actually being ‘out there’ living and enjoying the quality of life that I could ‘see’, but not experience.

This invisible force, the procrastination and indecision was what kept me from advancing and living the life I truly desired. I remained bound by this invisible force that kept me from breaking free and living an unlimited life.

The captor became the captured. I knew what all those insects must have felt like – having their potential to be completely free, impaired by an invisible barrier. My invisible barrier, I realized, was not an external force but it was actually inside of me. This was probably the most critical distinction I ever made, realizing that it was no one but ME that kept ME from living my dreams.


"The Fundamental Key To ‘Making It’ The Way You ‘See’ It"

REAL success and personal achievement boils down to the ability to take action and to actually DO and APPLY what you know. We all have tons of opportunities. The only difference between people is in whether we act on these opportunities. To make any idea, dream, goal or desire REAL, you simply have to learn to take consistent action. Action is the fundamental key to success.

This is where the problem comes in for the majority of people…

This was also my biggest problem.

Procrastination sets in and for many it becomes a habit that pulls them even further down – it keeps you locked up in a world that is just soooo much smaller than the one that’s waiting for you out there. You can ‘see’ it and some part of you know that you can get there, BUT still you remain bound and the invisible force of procrastination keeps you from progressing and getting out there.. Just ask me…I’ve been there and done that and I know how incredibly frustrating this is.

The discoveries that I made in the weeks following my ‘eureka moment’ was nothing short of a total life transformation. Everything that you want also wants you, but you have to take action to get it. Inaction was not because of some external force, but something that was within me. I was my own worse enemy and ‘unwillingly’ I was keeping me from realizing my dreams and desires.


“The Force That Keeps You From Realizing Your Dreams & Goals…”

One of the most devastating effects of procrastination is the frustration that comes as a result of not realizing your potential. Deep down inside we all know what we can do and what we are really capable of. When you know you can do something, but you don’t, then you become frustrated. When procrastination becomes a habit, then frustration also becomes a habit and living a frustrated life can be incredibly destructive.

Making consistent progress in life, is not only necessary, but fundamental to your own happiness. Happiness comes from consistently growing and expanding yourself. When you don’t grow you will feel like you are dying and depression, frustration, laziness and constant striving are but the results of a failure to improve yourself and your life.

People who suffer from depression are stuck. The failure to grow is what causes them to ‘die’ inside. Procrastination is the force that keeps you from growing and progressing. When you are not progressing, growing and expanding yourself you will not feel happy. You will loose your passion for life and your eagerness and excitement for the wonderful life that you can create for yourself…
if only you will actually do it!

You must take consistent action and actively improve yourself, utilize opportunities and make things happen. The desire to live your dreams, although important, is not good enough – you must put action behind your desires.

"I think there is something, more important than believing: Action! 
The world is full of dreamers, there aren't enough who will move ahead
and begin to take concrete steps to actualize their vision."
- W. Clement Stone


"How To Raise Yourself From Inaction To In Action..."

The great William Shakespeare once said that “nothing comes of nothing” – a pretty obvious thing to say, but how many of us never adhere to these wise words. We live in a culture where we all want something for nothing.

The truth is that life rewards ACTION.

It’s as simple as that...

The only way to become all you can be is to DO IT and to take consistent action on your hopes, goals, dreams and desires. This is how you break out of your glass jar. Inaction is what keeps you stuck in where you are.

To go from where you are to where you want to be, you have to go from inaction to in action -  a small but critical distinction. Making this shift is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. When you are in action you are actually doing it – you are applying what you know and making your ideas real.


"Becoming A Person Of Action..."

Highly effective people who are not only happy, but also fulfilled are action minded. They are DOERS and not TALKERS – they know that actions speak louder than words.

Being action minded is nothing but a pshychology ; it’s only a mindset.

Ironically, so is procrastination and indecision – it’s only a mindset and a way of thinking. It’s not because of anything outside yourself and you hold the key to changing you. Becoming a highly effective person of action relies on

Decisiveness and indecision are just two sides of the same coin.
Procrastinating and being action minded are just different sides of the same mindset.

You are either one or the other. The question however is which one do you really want to be AND does it support you in where you ultimately want your life to be?

(in)action is program that is designed to change your mindset from inaction to being in action. There is absolutely NO reason why you should allow procrastination and indecision to keep you from becoming all you can be.

You can overcome it and move past it…and it need not be such a hassle or such a time consuming process as most people make it out to be. It can be relatively effortless and it simply requires a change in your mindset.


When I came to this program I really felt like I was nowhere. I was really just jumping around without any real focus in my life and nothing I attempted ever really produced any results. (in)action helped me to re-establish my priorities and come up with a solid plan for actually achieving my goals. The strategies are absolutely great and really do make an impact in my life. I look forward to making even greater progress with (in)action as my guide.

- Pieter Van Zyl, Pretoria, South Africa


Procrastination is NOT a 'bad habit'

Procrastination is not a bad habit, as most people make it out to be. There’s no denying that procrastination can become habitual, it would be woefully inaccurate to reduce it to a habit. Procrastination and indecision are only symptoms of a psychology.

When you remove the causes you remove the symptoms. If you attack the symptoms you are not getting to the bottom of the problem and you will always be treating a symptom. This is why (in)action is primarily focused on attacking the causes. This is how you create lasting results. If you don’t remove the roots of the problem the weeds will keep coming up.


You’re going to learn:

tickDiscover exactly what's preventing you from taking action and
how to eradicate it from your life in 48 hours or less.

tick The very first thing you must do before you even attempt to
overcome procrastination.

tick The 8 steps to unlocking & releasing your inner drive.

tick Discover the one fundamental principle behind becoming a highly
effective person and how this one simple exercise can get you there.

tick How to do what you want when you want, with the little known
secrets behind self discipline.

tick A simple technique for developing consistency and
unshakeable self confidence.

tick A quick & easy exercise that eliminates the stress that comes
from not getting things done.

tick Discover the key factor in developing, directing and controlling
your concentration & focus.

tick How to always play to your own strengths
(this makes it easy to do the things you don’t ‘like’ doing)

tick The 3 exercises you can do immediately to take you
from procrastination to peak performance.

tick The Master System for making prompt, effective and
congruent decisions – every time!

tick How To create a working system of accountability – to guarantee
you follow through with your goals and actions until you succeed.

tickThe truth about the much over-hyped Pareto Principle.

tick The easy cure for self doubt and how to effectively use your own intuition.


"Breaking Free From Your Own Limitations!"

Your current conditions are NOT a reflection of your ultimate capabilities. It’s merely the result of your decisions and your actions OR rather your indecision and inactions.

You need not be a prisoner to what you have been. You are not a procrastinator although you might procrastinate at times. You are not indecisive, although might fail to make important decisions. You are not your behaviours! You can change any behaviour, and it need not be remotely as difficuilt or time consuming as most people make it out.

Knowledge is not enough. You must take action. There is a BIG difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know.

There is a HUGE difference between knowing about something and actually knowing it. Only when you make conscious contact by taking action do you really know something – this is when it becomes real.

We only fear the things we don’t confront and what we fear controls us. Only by taking action can we confront ALL our challenges head on and deal with it effectively to move on with life and to advance confidently in the direction of our hopes and dreams.


Here’s what you will receive in the (in)action Program:

1. (in)action Audio Program, Workbook and the Original ActionGuide...

inaction - audio program

stop procrastination stop procrastination
Listen To A Sample From (in)action...
(you might have to push play twice)

The complete (in)action Program consisting of 7 Audio Sessions (MP3)and a workbook to guide you every step of the way. You will also receive the original (in)action ActionGuide (PDF). This guide is clear, concise and to the point and will give you everything you need to immediate effect drastic changes in your life.

This action guide is not just more information, but aimed at getting you to actually do something. This is not passive reading or passive listening that goes in and then right out again. Putting pen to paper as you work your way through this guide will ensure your results.


2. Decisiveness – A Guide to Leading Yourself…And Your Life

injaction decisiveness manual
It is your decisions that precede all your actions. Learning to be in control of your decisions will empower you to be in control of your actions. In this ‘manual’ to mastering both the art and science of decisiveness, you will discover how to make congruent, effective and confident decisions.

When you become decisive you have the power to direct your life. You are in control and nothing can stop you. You just DECIDE and YOU DO - without hesitation and procrastination.

Decisiveness Free Download Click here to Get The First Chapter Free...
(or right click -- Save As)

3. Success Journal - Creating Personal Focus

inaction success journal.Staying focused on what you really want is critical in being successful at any endeavor. You must be consistent in what you want and you must keep wanting the same things if you are to succeed. With The Success Journal you can create a laser like focus in your life in just 10 minutes a day.

This systematic approach to success and the ideal way to create a daily focus. Once you discover the incredible power of focus, you can start to dictate exactly what you want to create in your life. The Success Journal places in your hands a proven, systematic approach to creating consistent focus in your life.


4. MOMENTUM - Get Going...Keep Going!

inaction momentum course

The Law of Momentum States That once something is in motion, it tends to stay in motion. It also states that getting something moving in a direction is the hard part. Once it is in motion you don’t need to consistently exert the same amount of effort.

The same is true for your level of success. With MOMENTUM you can greatly accelerate the realization of your goals. You will receive 6 months of email mentoring with the MOMENTUM program designed to keep you going and ensure lasting results. When you create momentum you become unstoppable and all the minor challenges and obstacles become obsolete.

Order Your Copy for just $129 $67! during this introductory offer and save
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secure transaction

Within 48 hours of purchasing the (in)action system I completed two of the most dreadful things I’ve been putting off for months. The prospect of what I can actually achieve without my persistent procrastination problems are both ‘scary’ and very exciting. I feel like a completely new person, ready to take on the world!
Thank You.

- Sarah Coxley, WAHM from Florida


"The Two Most Devastating Words In The English Language…"

The ONLY things in life that you will ever regret are the things you never do.
When you make mistakes; although painful at times, it usually passes in time, but when you fail to act on opportunities, the regret tends to stay with you.

‘What if’ is probably the most devastating thought to have. I didn’t want to be 55, 65, 75 years old and look back at my life only to think what I COULD HAVE BEEN ‘if only' I didn’t procrastinate.

(in)action can and will change your life and by following some of the simple ideas you will be quickly on your way to living your extraordinary life! You deserve to be, do and have whatever you desire, but you have to take action to get it. Don’t allow procrastination and indecision to imprison YOUR DREAMS!

Never give up on your dreams!
You are worthy and deserving of all the success you can dream of.

deon du plessis

If You order before midnight,
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(in)action - mindscript membership
A Lifetime membership to MindscriPt™
(worth $29.99/month).
You really are the architect of your life and you can design it any way you want it.
Mindscript™ is a system that empowers you to ‘re-program’ your old (and often destructive) mental scripts by which you live your life. When you ‘re-program’ your internal script that dictates your behavior you can start to dictate exactly what you want to think, feel and experience.

Get Your Copy Of (in)action here...

Life's greatest rewards are reserved for those who take action. Without the ability to apply knowledge and to take action on your ideas, they will remain a distant dream and you will remain bound by your (unnecessary) self imposed limitations. (in)action comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and you have absolutely no risk making this investment in yourself and your future.

I used to read book after book and nothing seemed to work for me. The problem, I realized, is that I never actually used what I was learning. I failed to take action and remained in my comfort zones – happy to read and learn, but unwilling to DO. (in)action helped me to change around from someone who just indulged in passive self improvement, to someone who implements and applies! The wonderful truth is that only when you start to apply and practice what you know will you start to make any significant progress in your life. Although I always knew this, (in)action got me to make that mental ‘shift’ from being passive, to being active. Thanks for a great program and thank you for empowering me to really help myself.

- Leigh Campbell, Personal Trainer, Perth


"I now enjoy a level of confidence that I haven’t had in years thanks to (in)action. It empowered me to take my life to the next level and to get out of the little ‘hole’ that I dug for myself. If you are serious about ‘stepping-up’ then (in)action will help you accelerate your success in virtually any area of your life. Thank You!"

- Richard Evans, Business Consultant
Surrey, United Kingdom


Hi! When I ordered the (in)action program I was very unsure if it will help with all my problems. I am very happy with the program and will recommend to anyone who want to be more productive and who have trouble with getting things done.

- Wi Ling, Auckland, New Zeeland


Just a quick note to say thanks for the great program. It took me more than a week to start it, but once I did there was no looking back. You saved me from a certain emotional death and thanks to (in)action I am free from procrastination and for the first time in my life I feel like I can make anything happen.

- Ruth Jordan, Business Owner, Seattle


If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us .

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